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If you are a manager or a supervisor or aspire to be one…then this site is for you!!!!!

Whether you’re seasoned with years of management experience or you’re just starting your career,

Learnmanagementbestpractices.com is here to help you deal with and resolve the day-to-day challenges and people issues you are faced with.

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert Cotes. For over 25 years now, I’ve been teaching managers and supervisors “people management” skills and “best practices” in daily management and supervision of people.

I own and operate a training and development company called The Management Development Group www.themdg.com . Over the course of my career, I am fortunate to work with folks from all industries; from diverse backgrounds, cultures, belief systems, all with varied levels of management experience.

My training is practical, deals with today’s management/supervisory issues, and is conducted in small groups, from 8 to 10 participants. All training is delivered live. My programs aren’t seminars or “information gathering sessions”. They are learning systems, designed to achieve “permanent skills acquisition”.

I was always tempted to use the web to expand the learning I offer and was recently convinced that if I want my message to continue being delivered to a larger audience, I should strongly consider taking advantage of all the opportunities and benefits the internet has to offer because live group delivery, although incredibly powerful, truly limits the number of people I can reach.

My objective is to help as many folks as I can, using everything I taught (and learned) over the course of my training and managerial career. I hope you will find the information and the materials helpful. In fact, I’d love to read from you…any comments and suggestions you may have is always welcomed and appreciated…remember that I also learn as I teach!!!

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  1. Excellent and relevant articles!Very well written. I enjoyed learning from them and the question&answer link was great. Just bought your book! Tank you.

  2. I am a senior manager and I found your articles are very good. Thank you for taking your time to write these. Very much appreciated.


    • Hello Debra. Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the articles and hope the information will continue to be of value to your management approach. Please, feel free to pass the link on to colleagues, friends, and family so they too can benefit from some good reading!

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